Programming for REV Robots for FTC Part 0: Initialization on Github

How to get started on programming your robot for the FTC season.


Aryan Sinha

11/26/20231 min read

Welcome to the guide for programming REV Robots in Java for FTC. This edition specifies the setup and initialization of a GitHub project and code for your robot.

Starting up with Github

To start with your coding journey Open up the FTC Github Project. if you don't have an account, this link will take you to the page shown above or to the right, just sign up for GitHub. If you need to, click this link again. After you've done this, press "fork". This process is shown below.

So Why Github, and what did we just do?

What you are effectively doing by forking is taking this project, and putting a version of it on your GitHub account. Not just that, this version will be getting constant updates from the FIRST committee, and you can customize it to your needs with "pull requests" and download your version to your device by "cloning". You can even collaborating seamlessly with a team of yours.

Next blog post, I will be covering all these terms, and much more.

Thank you for reading this, and

until next time!